May 01, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: 37

That's right. Today I turned 37 years old.

I convinced a colleague that I was turning 25. When I told her the truth, she was legitimately shocked.

I also did this over the weekend:

I ran the Get In Gear 5K in 34 minutes (and it was a perfect, PERFECT spring morning!)

21 year old me couldn't and wouldn't have done that.

Here's to growing old with strength, grace and humor.


  1. Happy birthday to you, Joanne! And congratulations on the Get in Gear 5K! What an outstanding time!

    1. Thanks Jenny! I was frustrated with my time which hasn't improved much over the last year and then I remembered that it is kind of miraculous that I can even run 3 miles non-stop at all :)


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