August 08, 2012

Semi Wordless Wednesday: Valleyfair

If there is one thing I couldn't wait for when I became a mom, it was to bring my boy to Valleyfair. For those of you who are not familiar, Valleyfair is a theme park. Six Flags calibur. Roller coaster awesomeness. I have been going to Valleyfair since I was about 5 years old. This moment... bringing my son here... I have no words for how excited I was. When our friends invited us to join them for the day, we jumped at the chance. It was also a chance to do some Disney training. Just 17 days to go!

It was an awesome day and I won't forget his face at seeing all the roller coasters and even his fear of some of the kiddie rides. He was so brave and so well behaved all day. We were so proud.

Jack and Mason and Facepainting

Daddy & Jack driving the antique cars. A Valleyfair must. 

Jack's first ride by himself. I was terrified. 

Watching the Peanuts show. They weren't too sure what the hell was going on. 

Mason & Jack with Snoopy

His smile didn't last long. 

Modern Day Ball Crawl

My beautiful family. 

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