February 09, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Puppy Love

I have seen a lot of Valentine's posts out there for Wordless Wednesday and while yes, my husband is my ultimate Valentine, I'm going to have to send the love to my doggie today.

I didn't really like Sadie much when we first brought her home over 8 years ago. I had just moved in with my now husband and it was like having a child when we obviously weren't ready for it. So I did what any girlfriend would do, I told him in the middle of the night when she was whining, "She's YOUR dog. YOU take care of it" HA!!! Fast forward to a few years later, and she definitely became OUR dog and I could not have imagined our lives without her in it. She's my loyal best friend whenever I need her. My walking buddy in the summer. My cuddle buddy in the evening. I am aware that our time with her here is limited yet I know that when the time comes to say goodbye, it will be too soon. I was reminded of that today when I realized how really sick she got overnight. She kept wanting to go outside to the bathroom, wouldn't eat her food and when she did, she threw it up. My husband then discovered that she had blood in her urine. I was a wreck leaving for work. I was worried that she wouldn't be there when I got home... my husband and I agreed that at this age and beyond, no extraordinary efforts. I was relieved when I heard it was a urinary tract infection. It's a bad one, but it is easily treatable with antibiotics. She was even given pain meds. Poor sweet pup. I can't wait to go home and snuggle with her tonight.

So even though this ended up being wordy, this Wordless Wednesday is for you, Sadie.

Baby Sadie w/ her Valentine bandana

Me & Sadie. Wow. This picture is old.

Model Sadie. This picture was actually in a calendar!

Daddy & Sadie roughhousing

Baby Jack & Sadie

Jack & Sadie

Jack & Sadie (current). He loves her so much.

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