February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Inspiration

I participated in a survey the other day that was based on building an inspirational online community for women and it got me thinking about the things that are truly inspiring to me. Here are just a few:

Music inspires me to pursue my dreams and talents. 

Real weight loss success stories inspire me. I want to be a success story.

Other moms inspire me
I look to the moms I know both personally and electronically to learn and be a better mom. The moms who have to deal with illness and injury move me with their strength and inspire me to never EVER take a single moment for granted.

My husband and his Dad's growing photography business and their art inspires me to view art and beauty from a new perspective and to search for it in every day things. 

My son inspires me. All I do, I do for him.

What inspires you?

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