February 18, 2011

Small Weight Loss. Big Deal.

I have been on my weight loss journey for 7 weeks and am proud to say that I've lost 8.5 lbs. I am also frustrated to say that I've lost ONLY 8.5 lbs. I think all who have made the choice to lose weight for some reason feel like by simply SAYING we are going to lose it, that it will be gone quickly so it is frustrating that it takes so long.

But it is SO WORTH IT.

I know that by taking this journey slow and steady that I am going to be more likely to lose the weight and keep it off for good. I'm working on my patience.

For all of the times I think that 8.5 lbs isn't very much, I remind myself of truly how much of a difference it is making:
Crazy Swollen Feet.
My Cute New Boots
When I was pregnant, and especially after our Tahiti vacation from hell, my feet grew. And grew... and grew... Much to my dismay, even though the swelling went down after having a baby, my feet still seemed... bigger. For someone with a major shoe fetish, this was devastating. I couldn't shop at DSW (aka, my shoe heaven), was at least a 1/2-1 size bigger and most definitely a wide width- couldn't shove my feet into a regular width for the life of me. The other day when it was brilliant and 50 degrees out in February in Minnesota, I wanted to get out of the office for a little bit and ventured to DSW. Preparing for my usual disappointment, I sauntered in and drooled at the sale. To my surprise, most of the shoes I tired on actually FIT. I was shocked. I didn't buy anything but decided that I would stop back when sandal weather is officially here to get some cute peep toe pumps. Continuing to test my luck, I put on a pair of boots today, worn only a couple times (and only worn a couple times because of the sheer torture they were) and they have been perfect all day. I lost weight in my feet!!!

I was chatting with my husband the other day and he asked me how many pounds I was down, of course I replied, "Almost ten," which is mostly true. He looked at me a little surprised (give the guy a break... he's seen me try and fail at this about a thousand times) and told me that he can totally see it in my face. One of the things that truly was one of the many final straws for me in the decision to truly dedicate myself to this journey was pictures. Over Christmas, a lot of pictures were taken. I shuddered in horror when I saw most of them, even the ones of me from just the waist up. Was that really me? Even though I still have a ways to go before I make my lifetime goal, I can already see the difference and I am already more willing to allow people to take pictures of me.

While I haven't lost enough to officially change sizes, I can already tell that my clothes are fitting better. Pants are requiring belts, tops & sweaters are getting baggy. Pre-pregnancy clothes that I thought I would never fit into again are finding their way back into my wardrobe. After just 8.5 lbs.

I have been doing all kinds of activities as part of my health plan from EA Sports Active for the Wii and XBox Kinect to Dance Central on the Kinect, to simply walking on the treadmill at the gym and Group Fitness classes (so kick ass). The one thing that I am always hesitant to try is jogging. I'm not good at it. I always hurt during and after. Prior to my wedding, I actually jogged quite a bit on our home treadmill. I had a favorite program that I would run and always found it challenging and rewarding. After 6 weeks of pretty hard core activity, I thought I would give it a shot. Guess what? It was a thousand times easier than I ever imagined. I am hoping that I can keep it up, add to my time and get out on the actual road this spring. Dare I say maybe try for a 5K in the next year?

My Overall Health: 
Okay, so the 8.5 lbs hasn't kept me from catching every one of my son's evil daycare illnesses, but I have noticed a significant surge in energy. Plus, it isn't my imagination that running up and down the stairs is a thousand times easier. My knee pain seems to have disappeared. Just 8.5 lbs did all that.

So if you ever think that your weight loss is small or insignificant, think again. Even my little 8.5 lbs has shown immense health benefits both mentally and physically. I'm excited to think that I'm not done yet and how much more exciting this journey is going to get. I have lost weight, even just a pound at a time, EVERY WEEK since I started the program. In the end, all of those measly one pound losses are going to add up.

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