January 26, 2011

My Kid is Fun, Even When He's Sicky

Last week was a long week. Jackson was home sick Tuesday-Friday with pneumonia. My husband took the brunt of the days at home with him and there were a couple nights of very little sleep as the little dude was running some pretty serious high temps.

I did get at least one day home with him. Let me say there is nothing worse than seeing your usually off the charts energetic little person not want to move. I'll confess though. I liked the cuddles. After his afternoon nap, he started snapping out of it a little and we had some fun. He insisted on wearing his winter hat which is a little out of character for him as we usually have issues keeping it ON him. He also insisted that I wear it for awhile and that the dog should wear it. The dog wasn't so happy about this idea but he found it to be totally hilarious.

After a good hour or two of pretty active play, he was ready for a break so I sat him down with the iPhone as he likes to play some of his apps and mine- he's a big fan of Angry Birds. I went to get started on dinner. Later that night, I was looking through my camera roll and discovered this:

I guess he figured out how the camera works.

If there is anyone in the world that can always make me smile, it is him. My kid rocks.

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