January 04, 2011

The Germ Reality

I had a cute little discussion on Twitter last night with our friends who are adopting and becoming parents in just 16 days. She was catching up on reading some mommy mags and commented on an article about keeping germs away from baby.

I'm not sure who wrote it or what magazine it was from, but a couple pieces of advice were:
1) When a pacifier falls on the floor, make sure it is sanitized before giving it back to baby.
2) Make labels/signs to put on the stroller that says to sanitize hands before touching baby.

I had a little chuckle about this. I will confess that in the early weeks, I was a little paranoid. I always washed off Nuks when they hit the floor and I wouldn't dare let anyone touch baby while out and about. It's amazing how you brush all of that stuff off after only a few short months (maybe even weeks), and especially, once they hit daycare. All bets are off when they get to daycare.

Nuks would fall on the floor and I would wipe them down with the end of my shirt (which was probably more gross than the floor) and eventually I would just make sure it wasn't covered in dog hair before giving it back to him. Let's face it, when we are out and about, we usually wouldn't come close enough to let strangers touch him anyway let alone who has the TIME to put freakin' labels on the stroller.

As we discovered, as does every working parent, daycare is a bigger hotbed of germs and disgustingness than anything we could've encountered walking around the Mall of America. Cold after cold followed by an ear infection followed by a stomach bug followed by croup followed by pneumonia... I remember picking Jack up one day way back when he was in the older infant room at the tail end of afternoon snack. The kids were eating each other's food, drinking out of each other's sippy cups, using each other's utensils. Let's not forget the amount of toys that are chewed on day in and day out. Jackson still put toys and stuff in his mouth.

I guess you do what you need to do to be cautious, but one way or another, the germs are going to catch up your babes. Guess what? They like to share them with you too. So nice they start sharing at such an early age.

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