December 31, 2010

Thank You & Goodbye 2010

Just wanted to say a quick Thank You and Goodbye to 2010.

Can't say it hasn't been great- it has been awesome.

We spent a whole overnight away from Jack for the first time ever.
I connected with a whole new Mom world thanks to the Internet.
I had successes.
I had failures.
I had great times with amazing friends.
I watched my little brother get married.
I watched my SIL fall in love, get engaged and get pregnant (all in the course of 2 months).
I rediscovered my love and passion for singing and music.
I got sick. A lot.
I have one day of PTO to rollover to next year. Potentially a miracle.
We finished our basement.
I gained 10 pounds (WTH???)
I watched my son play in a kiddie pool for the first time.
We went on bike rides and spent awesome family time together.
I read a few great books.
I watched my friends have a premature baby and am now watching him kick ass.
We wrote a letter of recommendation for our friends who are adopting- we get to meet their baby in 2011.
We continue to struggle with conceiving baby #2.

Probably the best part of 2010?

I watched my son turn into a toddler.

Happy New Year!

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