October 07, 2010

When the Husband Is Away The Mice Will...


My husband is going up north this weekend for a "Guy's Weekend". He's been encouraging me to take Jack out of the house and do something. Go to the zoo, the mall... just SOMEthing. It's not that I don't want to take him out or that I'm scared to take him out, but let's face it, taking a 2 year old out anywhere is a lot of work for two people to manage let alone MY 2 year old who is going through an independent streak of "I do it." which means running blindly through parking lots, malls and throwing mega tantrums when it is time to leave.

My husband used to travel extensively for work in my son's early years and it was during those weeks that I would put on my tough mom hat and break bad habits. I recall an instance a year ago, and I remember this clearly as it was baseball's postseason and I was cheering on the Twins to yet another Yankee defeat, that I chose the 4 days that he was away on business for some sleep training. Jack had just turned 1 and wouldn't go to sleep unless he passed out on one of us first. I knew this couldn't last forever so during these 4 days, I put him to bed ever so wide awake. He would cry and cry and it would break my heart, but I knew it had to be done. When my husband came home, he was amazed by our little man who would go to bed so quietly without any tears. I think he thought it was magic.

He would never admit it, but I definitely have more thick skin than my husband when it comes to breaking our son's tough habits. We've discussed getting rid of the Nuk and have been working on setting the stage; however, I think with this kid, we're just going to have to go cold turkey and be tough. It'll mean a few sleepless nights but then it will be done. I haven't decided if this weekend is the right time though. It is the right time to encourage potty training, which is why I will likely not take him out anywhere this weekend. Since I'll be home and have no other plans, I feel like this is the perfect opportunity to put him on the toilet at regular intervals and encourage him to use it home as much as they encourage it at school. We've been lazy about it, so I'm really going to take the opportunity with him and start the habit this weekend.

Peeing on the potty may not be all that exciting to us as adults, but heck for a 2 year old? It's pretty awesome.

How did you break your little one's bad habits? What potty training methods did you use?

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