October 08, 2010

The Week In Rant

It is Friday! That means it is time for THE WEEK IN RANT.

1) The MN Twins
2) Randy Moss
3) The piss me off article of the week

1) Yeah... the MN Twins are going down in flames. I am a lifelong Twins fan who had the likes of Kent Hrbek plastered on my wall and the number 14 on my back all my years of playing softball. I love the MN Twins. Just because they are going to lose to the Yankees (again) doesn't stop my love. I'm still a fan. I'm proud that they made it this far in the first place despite injuries to their top players and despite a bullpen that frankly, sucks. I'm proud that they have a fabulous new stadium to play in which truly feels like baseball, even just driving by along 394. I love my Twins and will continue to cheer them on even though I know this weekend will likely mark the end of their season. I'll cheer them on in hopes that they can tell the Yankees to stick it for one more game.

2) I get the hype that comes with Randy Moss. When he's good, he's GOOD and we definitely need some GOOD receivers for the Favre to throw to. I haven't forgotten what a total pain in the ass this guy is though. I really hope he is able to get over himself and get out there and play the game. I appreciate that he's added some excitement back to Viking's Football with the slow start this season. I'm very much looking forward to watching our good ol' Randy Moss hit the field on Sunday!

3) I saved my biggest rant for last. This article, Why I Hate Infant Formula Companies, really pissed me off. I agree that formula marketing efforts are pretty stupid most of the time in their claims. But COME ON. I did not choose to formula feed my kid because of a commercial or a can that I saw on the shelf at Target. I had to formula feed so my baby could live!! My decision didn't happen in the hospital or at my OB's office, they left the decision to breastfeed or formula feed ENTIRELY up to me. There was no pressure either way and they gave me all of the information I needed/requested and answered my questions about both. I love both the hospital and my OB/GYN for letting me have a choice. I desperately wanted to make breastfeeding work, but after 5 days of my son not getting anything to eat except about a teaspoon of supplemental formula here and there we officially hit failure to thrive, his jaundice was worsening and I no longer had a choice.

This article also says that 4 out of 100 babies die in the US because they are not being breastfed. Really? That is the only reason? Were they preemies? Were there underlying conditions? People. Breastfeeding is not a magic potion. Breastfed babies can still get sick. If I place my non-breastfed son next to my manager's breastfed daughter- she has been just as sick if not more sick than my kid. It did not stop her little baby from developing pneumonia, thrush, roseola and 5th disease in the first 9 months of her life. I'm not debating that breast milk doesn't have wonderfully healthy nutrients in it (so long as the mother has a healthy diet and lifestyle as well). I'm simply saying that mothers deserve to have choices and should be given all of the information BIAS FREE to aid in making their decision.

Yes, I am angry that formula had to be recalled. I'm also angry that strollers, cribs, nappers, playpens, spinach, beef, etc., etc., ETC. have to be recalled. Cripes. I wish that everything was perfect and safe in this world, but that is just being naive. I won't put my son in a bubble. I think my point is, that we can't keep blaming the damn companies and their marketing- it is an insult to my intelligence. So please, PLEASE I beg of you, stop shoving breastfeeding down our throats. Give people the benefit of the doubt and let them make the decision that is right for them.

I apologize. I know I rant on this subject a lot. If there is one thing that has driven me nuts about being a new mom it is the insane amount of the unsolicited opinions and advice that I get on nearly a daily basis. I am able to mute a lot of it out, but this one angers me the most because formula was the one thing that saved my son's life. I am not telling anyone not to breastfeed, nor am I some big formula nazi (nor do I work for a formula company! ha!). I am telling new moms out there to use their brains and make the best decision for their own situation.

Rant complete. Happy Friday!

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  1. Here's more garbage to fuel my fire on my #3 rant of the day. GAH! This type of crappy reporting really bugs me.



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