October 03, 2010

The Lessons I Learned

I've been away for a bit. Not long, just a bit. The past week has been more than a touch of chaos. However, I have learned a few things:
1) We are not a 1 car family
2) Mistakes happen, but managers are ultimately the ones held responsible
3) My toddler's medical stuff completely cured my week long headache

I won't leave you hanging on the details.

1) My car was more than a little confused for the past couple weeks. The brake lights wouldn't turn off as I was driving (my apologies for those who had to endure driving behind me... I really wasn't riding my brakes all the way down Highway 169), but the funny part? They would turn OFF when I hit my brakes. Not good. The worst part? The car dealer had no idea what this was. Thanks to our good friend Google, we were able to troubleshoot; however, the dealer decided that they didn't need to follow the appropriate steps to fix the problem. It took FOUR DAYS to get the issue resolved (and no courtesy car... another story altogether). Brake lights. I had to drive my husband's beast of a Durango for an entire week and to a mid-size sedan driver, a Durango may as well be a semi. Because of only having one car meant I had to take care of dropping the little man off at school. I attempted to drop him off early one day. Bad idea. Disaster. Not only for him but for me. My commute tripled at that time of the morning. I think the worst part though is that it made my husband and I bicker. The good news? The car is back, it seems to be working. For now. The lesson: Our family will always need to have two cars.

2) Not only did being down to one car make the week chaotic, but it was insanity for me professionally. I had several projects that were ready to launch and a ton of work to make it happen. My first ever billboard (my designs) will be up starting tomorrow! Anyway, this isn't what I learned this week. Another colleague made a mistake, a rather big one and it went to print and went out in the mail. While it was my colleague's fault for writing it wrong in the first place, our stuff has to go through many layers of editing/approval- operations, accounting and management. So after going through all this layers and all the layers missing it, whose fault does it become? D- all of the above. It is important to get the facts from the moment you start writing, but it is also all those other layers' faults for not catching the error. It isn't an easy situation, but part of being the boss is accepting responsibility for the errors that your team makes. The lesson: I'm not yet the boss, but when I am, I intend to be able to take and claim responsibility for errors, even if it is uncomfortable because that's how it works.

3. Did I mention I had a migraine for like a week and a half? Oh yeah. I had a headache. Like the worst, most debilitating knock-me-on-my-ass pain. I bashed my head trying to get into the before-mentioned Durango and that actually felt good. Yesterday, my husband suggested that I may have a sinus infection and to try Jack's Little Noses Saline Spray. Best thing ever. My headache ceased within a half an hour. The lesson: Just because it says it is for little people doesn't mean it can't be beneficial for big people too. 

What lessons have you learned lately? 

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