October 05, 2010

Baby Stuff: A Look Back

Friends of my husband and I are in the process of adopting a baby. From my own experience when I was considering adoption during my infertile days, I know that preparations during the adoption process are not all that different from 9 months of pregnancy (minus the 25 weeks of barfing). It is probably even harder- mountains of paperwork to prove you are worthy to be parents and cleaning every speck of dust out of your house to prepare for your homestudy. This couple recently started to read up about baby gear and stuff that they will need when baby arrives and it brought some memories... My greatest involved me standing in the baby section at Target like a deer in headlights. What the hell is all this stuff? What do I need it for? What is the best brand? Shouldn't all my gear match? I. Had. No. Idea. My poor little registries at Target and BabiesRUs went through a lot of changes before baby made his sudden arrival. Nobody told me that I probably wouldn't use half of the stuff I got or that you really have no idea what you truly need until you walk in the door with baby in your arms.

I did a post about a year ago titled The Baby Cage and Other Baby Must Haves. Tack on another year to that and there are even more items I forgot to mention. Today though, I'm going to go through the top 5 items I didn't need:

1. The Baby Swing. I know other people use the crap out of these things but our little man for some reason spent very little time in his. The first time we put his little 6.5lb body in it, I thought for sure the thing was going to swallow him up not to mention even on the slowest of speeds that it seemed as if the thing would just toss him right out despite our best efforts to strap him in. As he got bigger he did a little napping in it, but not much. I truly just think it bored him. Not to say that this puppy doesn't work like a charm for other babies- it really just didn't do much for ours.

Not to mention... this thing is expensive! 

2. The Personal Refrigerator. This one is my personal favorite. For some reason, in my pre-baby head, I thought that it would be super awesome to keep a fridge full of bottles ready to go in the middle of the night. My new house, which was under construction while I was preggers, was big and the nursery light years away from the kitchen so this would make sense, right? I think I used this for all of the first 3 days where I kept his little supplement formula nursettes. 6 days postpartumm and still no breastfeeding to be had, we moved forward with all formula and no more nursettes, not to mention bottles that didn't fit in this little fridge and a baby who liked his bottles warmed. We'll just say this cute little mini-fridge got zero use- at least for what it was intended for.

3. The diaper stacker. We registered for this. I think. I know it was part of the nursery theme that we chose. I know that this little piece ended up folded up at the top of his closet until only a few weeks ago when I ran out of room in his changing table drawer and needed a place to put a few extra diapers. Basically for 2 years, this thing collected dust in his closet. If you can make it functional and work for you then go for it, but save yourself a few bucks and pass this one up. There are plenty of places to put diapers for fast access that don't require spending any additional money.

4. The Baby Carrier. Again...many mommies swear by these things, but it just didn't work for me. I might have different feelings about the need for a carrier if I am ever so blessed with a second baby. In my head, I thought I would use something like shopping and getting chores done around the house. It turned out to be yet another baby item that just never got used. The bouncer worked out great (not to mention totally entertaining to Jack) while I was getting other things done. Shopping-wise, I used his carseat at places like the grocery store and his stroller at the mall thus not ever having the need for this carrier! Not to mention, when he was a newborn, he was way too small for it- seemed like he got lost in it and I just never trusted its functionality.

5. Baby Hangers. I bought an absolute shit-load of these and for the life of me, I cannot figure out why. I have a friend who hung up all of her little boys clothes and I kept thinking, "How does she have the time for that?" I have not once hung up a single item of his clothing. A dresser seemed to work just fine for our needs in the clothing department and really... stuff he was going to spit up on, poop in and spill on are really not hanger-worthy in my opinion.

And there you have it! My top 5 baby items that never got used.

Moms: What baby items do you have lying around the house that never got used? 

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