August 02, 2010

Gisele is an Idiot

Gisele Bundchen can kiss my big ass.

I saw this BabyCenter blog post this morning and started throwing things at my screen:

Gisele Bundchen thinks formula-feeding should be illegal

Carolyn Robertson

posted: 8/02/2010
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 New mom Gisele Bundchen is such an advocate of breastfeeding that she thinks it should be illegal to formula-feed a newborn.

The supermodel mama, whose son Benjamin was born last December, tells Harper’s Bazaar,
“I think breastfeeding really helped (me keep me figure). Some people here (in the US) think they don’t have to breastfeed, and I think ‘Are you going to give chemical food to your child when they are so little?’ I think there should be a worldwide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months.”
Gisele has certainly been outspoken when it comes to motherhood, saying that some women use pregnancy as an excuse to eat like “garbage disposals,” insisting that her labor was entirely painless and revealing that her son was potty-trained at 6 months.

What do you think of her latest statement on making breastfeeding the law?

I think I made it pretty clear what I think and I'll say it again: Gisele Bundchen can kiss my big ass. This statement from her is probably a comment I should really expect from someone like her. Arrogant. Thoughtless. Irresponsible. FINE. I get it. You really believe in Breastfeeding. Good for you. Thank god this is only your opinion and nobody actually takes people like you seriously.

Why do I care? I've ranted before, and I will rant again: please let the choice of breastfeeding be just that: a woman's CHOICE. I am so incredibly sick and tired of having breastfeeding shoved down my frickin throat. I TRIED. I really did. Call me selfish, but I chose formula feeding so my son could live and thrive because breastfeeding simply did not work and he was losing a massive amount of weight. Do I have regrets? NO. My almost 2 year old is smart. Really smart. He's not yet two and he counts to 12. He's not yet two and he can sing his entire ABC's. He's smart enough to be able to work his mom and dad. He's smart and yet had very little breastmilk. He's healthy and he's had very little breastmilk. So please tell me again that I am a horrible mother for not breastfeeding. TRY me. Go ahead. Bring it on. I was formula fed back in 1976. Are you calling me an unhealthy idiot? For you breastfeeders: GOOD for you. I'm happy that it worked for you. I support you. Breastfeed away anywhere you want. I really mean it! I envy you for making it work but please don't judge me because I couldn't.

The last thing I need is this woman, who is pretty much a freak of nature anyway, telling me how to raise my child. I will take pride in knowing that I did exactly what I had to do for me and my child and I will never try to speak for anyone else.

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