September 10, 2009

My Baby Jack is Turning One!

Just one year ago today, my dear husband and I were joking about how we needed Jack to wait until after the weekend to be born. That Wednesday evening, September 10, 2008, I had taken my best friend to have her nails and toes done for her wedding. I got myself a french manicure and had my toenails painted (no pedicures for my massively swollen feet). We stopped and got Wendy's for dinner. We kicked back and enjoyed a meal. I told her, "See you at the Rehearsal Dinner tomorrow!" I had officially gone on Maternity Leave that day and was looking forward to my BFF's wedding as well as we had our walk-through at our brand new house the next day. So much to look forward to, thus, the reason we were hoping Jack would hang out inside mommy just a little bit longer.

As if it were a bad joke that my son was playing on me, I awoke in a panic around 1:00a thinking I had peed the bed (not uncommon in the 3rd trimester. Gross, but true.). I stood up to the oh-so-dramatic breaking of my waters. I hightailed it the bathroom with the non-stop gush and realized that this was indeed happening and thought, "Oh, shit! You've GOT to be kidding me!" I gently awoke my husband from a deep slumber with "Honey- my water broke." He asks, "Are you sure?" Uh. Duh! I was panicking. I didn't have a hospital bag fully packed. Hell, I didn't even have the HOUSE packed and we were to be moving in 2 days!! I quickly grabbed a bag and started throwing crap into it. Bathroom stuff, Jammies, clothes for Jack that were way too big... it was insane. I called my OB/GYN and the hospital to let them know that I was on the way. But, before I left, I HAD to let my poor BFF know that I would sadly be missing her wedding and sent her an e-mail. It was storming out when we began the long drive to the hospital (our new house was MUCH closer to the hospital, so this was not exactly anticipated).

The rest of Jack's birth story has been documented, but I recap the initial stuff leading up to his birth because it is the memory that I often seem to forget about the most. My husband and I had been living in that house for 6 years together. It was the place where we almost broke up early in our relationship, the place we were when we got engaged and planned a wedding, the home we made for ourselves when we got married and where we conceived our beautiful son. I never got to say goodbye to that house and all of its amazing memories. Even though we complained about it and all the updates it needed and the poorly running air conditioner, we have the most fond memories of our lives together there. The night I went into labor marked a very profound change in our lives. Leaving that house behind meant saying goodbye to a life we will not know again for a very long time. In all the chaos of Jack's early arrival, I had forgotten about the wonderful life and marriage that we had before. It's not to say that our life with Jack isn't completely amazing now, it is just great in a different way. Our marriage has taken some hits over the past year as we are working to assimilate into parenthood.

Jack has changed my life in so many ways. The most significant though is that of my heart. I never thought it was possible to love someone so much. It is true what they say, the bond between mother and child is overwhelming. Even through the late nights, the tantrums, and the illnesses I could not love anything more. He is my heart walking around. My life. My whole reason for being. I am so blessed that he is healthy, happy and that we are able to provide him with a beautiful home filled with anything his heart desires (or, at least that we think it desires!).

So, on the eve of my little boy's first birthday, I am remembering with so much nostalgia not only the events that took place a year ago, but also the amazing life and story that my husband and I have made together over the past 7 years. I am a very lucky woman to have these amazing men in my life!

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