August 17, 2009

First Allergic Reaction

If there is anything I have learned over the past year of being a new mom, it is that I have to bow out of a lot of things. Sometimes, I have to stay behind while others go off to drink, play and have fun. As a new mom, I am more than fine with giving up those things to do what is right for my son.

Yesterday was the 1st Annual Family Kickball Game. The time happened to land right at Jack's usual naptime. I gave him a bottle and after enormous pressure from everyone decided to roll the dice and attempt to keep Jack up long enough to go down and get some playtime in. So, we changed diapers, put on sunscreen, put on shoes and socks and I handed Jack off to get strapped in his stroller for his kickball adventure while I grabbed water and got myself ready. Meanwhile, Jack got to hold the kickball. As we were walking down to the fields, his forehead started breaking out and eyes started getting puffy and swollen. Not good. We heard many theories. "It is a heat rash." Um, no. Jack plays outside in the heat every day. "It is a milk allergy." Um, no. He's been drinking milk-based formula for the past year without issues."His skin is like his daddy's." This comment only proceeded in pissing me and my husband off (and of course being my family, made my DH dislike them even further). THE only thing he touched that Jack has never touched before is the kickball (i.e. rubber/latex). I made the journey back up to the house to try and get him cooled off and wiped down. Wiped his forehead, wiped his hands, dabbed his tearful, watery eyes. Tried to get him to sleep. He was interrupted by, well, everyone. DH finally got him to sleep and took a nap with him in my parent's guest room. He woke refreshed and hive-free.

It was just one of those "I told you so" moments in my Momdom. I should always trust my instincts. They were strong yesterday and I should've listened. I've always been very happy with the way my parents have been in terms of letting ME raise my son and letting me call the shots. Yesterday was a huge departure from that and I am so disappointed in their comments and on how they pressured me to go to the park even though I knew Jack needed a nap. The thing other people always seem to forget is that what happens during the day affects how Jack sleeps during the night. We try really hard not to mess with this delicate balance and both my DH and I have busy jobs- we can't afford to not be on our toes. One bad night = a bad day at work and a crabby child at daycare. Why can't anyone respect and understand this?

I guess this just one of the many parts of this mom journey that I will never understand.

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