September 08, 2008

36.5 Weeks... Let the Countdown Begin!

Well, I am around 36 1/2 weeks pregnant and I think I may just be about the only pregnant woman in the entire universe who at this point is praying and hoping that her baby stays put for at least another 2 weeks. Why? This particular week has to be about the worst week in history. My best friend is getting married this Friday AND we are moving into our new house on the SAME DAY. Totally not ideal and neither can be changed! It is my greatest fear that little man is going to try and make his appearance on September 12th as well seeing as everything else will be happening on that day as well.

Meanwhile, I have been subjected to bed rest by my doctor which I am dutifully ignoring. I slip in as much "rest" as I can between work, packing and wedding. My last day of work is Wednesday, then I just have to deal with moving and the wedding and I can officially commit to all the bed rest in the world- that is of course unless he makes an early appearance. Reason for the bed rest is high blood pressure (which, I actually don't think is THAT high all things considering and I've seen worse). I have had some swelling of the feet and hands but other than that, I feel fairly good. I guess it is good if you look past feeling like a zombie after waking up all night long to pee and the bowling ball I am now carrying around for a tummy. Overall, it certainly could be worse.

In other rants... I am officially marking my support here for the McCain/Palin ticket and we'll leave it at that. I swear to god though if I have to watch one more show where someone feels it is necessary to support their political agenda where absolutely inappropriate I am going to scream. I'm talking about the VMA's and the fucktard of a host, I can't even remember his name other than that he is from the UK. FROM THE UK. This guy was the worst and I love that he is getting absolutely flamed for his comments. He wasn't even remotely funny and I don't think he even garnered a chuckle out of me. It was by and far the worst VMA's I have ever watched because of him. I hope MTV has learned a lesson here. GO HOME A-HOLE!

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