August 01, 2008

In Memory Of...

Today marks the one year anniversary of the 35W bridge collapse here in Minneapolis. I was just thinking about how much I hate using the word "anniversary" for this tragic event. Anniversary to me conjures up such happy images and the bridge collapse was definitely not a happy day.

On this day, a day like any other, I like usual drove home from work in a tired stupor just looking forward to getting home to eat dinner and cuddle with the dog. Little did I know that in 30 minutes, so many would be hurt and lives would be lost. My husband was celebrating his last day of work at his old job and his co-workers took him out for a beer. I had gotten home at around 5:45 that night and was busy feeding and letting the dog out and getting dinner ready- I hadn't yet gone near the TV so I was pretty clueless as to what was going on. Right around the same time, my husband called me to say he was leaving and he'd be home soon. Not thinking twice about it, I went about my business and my phone started ringing like mad... first my mother-in-law. I ignored her call. Then it was my sister. Ignored that call too. Then my mom... that was when I thought "okay, there is something going on here." My mom said "Thank GOD you're home and okay- is Drew there too?" I asked her what was going on and why and she said to just turn on the TV. Before my eyes, the 35W bridge in which I had driven (and been stuck in rush hour on) a million times was in the Mississippi River. My heart stopped. This is the way he comes home- he called me 20 minutes ago... oh god. oh god. OH GOD. I practically hung up on my mom and frantically tried to get through to Drew. He answered his phone in a huff like "why the hell is everyone bothering me" and that was when I burst into tears. I was so grateful he was okay!! Apparently, the guys talked him into staying for one more beer. After telling him what was going on and why there was so much chaos on the streets of Minneapolis he then drove across the Central Ave bridge and saw the explosion of the truck on the 35W bridge and it set in very quickly that his life had been spared. He came home trembling. We haven't taken a single moment of our lives for granted since.

So to this day, we tell our story. Our story about how beer likely saved my husband's life. He will be memorializing this day drinking a Black & Tan just as he did that day.

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