June 26, 2008

26 Weeks Already???

I confess. I've been a bad preggo blogger.

I got my hand slapped at work a couple weeks ago for "internet surfing" so I've been watching my time spent. Apparently blogging and working on my writing doesn't constitute time well spent at work? Truth be told, I do a lot of internet research for my job, so anyone who has commented on my usage may not know the full truth.

So, yes, I'm 26 weeks along today. Weird. My tummy is getting bigger by the day, and my clothes are getting tighter. I cry and throw temper tantrums at the drop of a hat. I'm starting to worry that we're running out to time to get prepared for this baby- I mean, we literally don't have ANYthing. No furniture, no clothes, no NOTHING. I'm sure all that will change after the baby shower, but it doesn't diminish my stress level. I'm also concerned that we will not be in the new house by the time the baby comes. I'm so jealous looking at everyone else online getting their nurseries put together!! On the other hand. We're building a BRAND NEW HOUSE!!! It is so exciting and amazing. I cannot WAIT until we are there! Here's a pic of the place! I just know we are going to be so incredibly happy there.

In other news... the pregnancy is going just fine. The little dude is kicking me like CRAZY and I'm anxious for hubby to start feeling him kick. It is really the most amazing feeling and I smile and giggle every time I feel him. As much as pregnancy pretty much blows for the most part, it is the parts like him moving and seeing him on the ultrasound that make it all worthwhile. We decided to book an elective 3d/4d ultrasound and we can't WAIT to see him in full detail! We're also confirmed to take a birth and parenting class at the end of July, which is started to look like Labor and Birth for Idiots 101. OH well, it'll be a good chance for the Mr to know what is truly going to happen although he's already convinced that he's going to pass out and they'll need to get the smelling salts out to wake him up. In answer to a question that was asked of me recently... YES we have a NAME!! However, I am sworn to secrecy and will not tell. I'll bet $10 bucks we end up changing our mind anyway so what's the point of telling?

Needless to say, it is going to be a busy summer getting ready to meet and make room for this little person!

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  1. Do what I do - write your blogs up using Word, and then you only have to load up the blog, copy/paste, and close it really quick.


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