April 16, 2008

16week Appointment Update!

I had my 16 week check-up today with my OB and everything with baby is looking great!

I am proud to note that at 16 weeks, I have gained only 8 pounds for this pregnancy (4 of them in the last 4 weeks). Now, I just have to hold steady at a 1 pound per week gain and I should be good!! It's still not easy to look at the scale and see it going up after all that hard work I did to take it off. On the bright side, I've got me a beautiful little baby bump and I LOVE it! I love that people look at my belly and smile, I love that more doors are held open for me, I love... being pregnant!

Baby's heart was beating at 147bpm today which again alerts me that we could be cooking a little man in there. Supposedly the old wives tale is that a heartbeat under 150 means boy and over means girl. We will know for sure on May 14th when I go in for the anatomy scan!!! This appointment cannot come fast enough for us!! We're so excited to start picking out stuff for the baby and for the nursery in the new house. Today is one of those days were having a baby actually feels real. That this is really happening and nothing can stop us now! Perhaps that is a bit naive, but considering where we came from in the world of infertility and loss, it is hard to be negative when we've come this far.

I've been doing thinking about names... For the first time in a long time I am starting to question whether or not we should make this boy a "Jr." should it be a boy. There are positives- being named after Dad and starting a tradition, and A.J. is a super cute nickname. However... I kind of feel like we're not putting much thought into giving him his own identity.

Another thing that I've been thinking about is all this craziness over deli meat... Eat it. Don't eat it. Warm it up... I'm sure that Listeria should be a concern, but... I can't get over my craving. Subway is soooooooooooooo good to me right now! I'm trying to limit them, but it is so hard! I know it is a chance to take, but it MUST be more healthy than a Big Mac & Fries right?

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  1. I've been craving turkey sandwiches and heating the meat just RUINS it completely! We rented a doppler to use at home and we've been having so much fun with that! Our baby has a faster heart rate than yours does, but we're still holding out hope for a boy. Secretly, I'd be more than delighted with a girl, but DH has his heart set on buying BOY toys at Christmas time. He absolutely hates the barbie and princess aisles at the store! LOL

    Haley had a low heart rate so I'm not sure I put much stock into the heart rate wives tale, but I guess time will tell. This one ranges from 150-170 and Haley's was 130-150.

    You were hoping for a girl right? Sorry, pregnancy brain has taken over the last few weeks and I can't remember ANYTHING.

    I think I'm jealous that you're gaining weight tho. I've lost 10 pounds and it doesn't look like I'll be gaining any before I hit 20 weeks or so.


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