January 22, 2008

A Couple Rants

Normally I would post a cartoon of some sort, but I'm running a little low on time...

Rant #1: Dance Wars. Okay, I was kinda diggin' this show at first. I found it kinda fascinating to watch very talented people both sing and dance which is not easy to do. Now, I'm finding the numbers cheesy and not all that well done. The only person I really feel has BOTH talents in both singing and dancing is Zack. Just make him the next McDreamy Timberlake. He's really awesome. There is one person who is driving me NUTS- Phillip. He's obviously made it through by having great abs and zero talent. If he pulls open his shirt one more time... *groans*

Rant #2: I just saw a headline on a newspaper website saying "Stocks Dive On Worries Of A US Recession". Okay. Firstly if the media would just stop TELLING people that there is a recession, maybe people wouldn't be so freaked out. At least here in Minnesota, the unemployment rate is down, concerts are selling out, restaurants are packed, flights are full... so tell me... if there is a recession, why do so many people have enough money to go out and do these things? ON that note... the housing market has also been played up in the media as being so horrible. Now, for the person with zero credit and a foreclosure on their 3/1 arm, sure, they aren't going to be buying a house any time soon. As a matter of fact, they probably shouldn't have been able to buy a house in the first fricken place! Interest rates are low, especially for first time mortgage products and housing prices have dipped even lower which makes NOW the perfect time to buy.

How fucking stupid do people have to be to listen to the media as truth??? Think outside the box, do your own research and make your own damn decisions!

Ugh! Rant over.

On a lighter, happier note... Husband and I have been invited to Playa del Carmen, Mexico for a trip through my hubby's work!! YIPPEEE!!!! Gotta love anything that is virtually free. We leave on Valentine's Day (awwww) and are counting the days to getting out of the frozen tundra that is Minnesota. We figure I will have my BFP really soon too because... well... it's Murphy's Law!

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