December 26, 2007

Ahhhh The Holidays

Ahhhh... Christmas has come and gone and now New Years is right around the corner. Time for resolutions I'll never keep, renewal and hope. On my honor, I fully intend to keep the faith in the New Year. I know what you're thinking. This girl is a bitter wretched bitch, how on earth is she going to keep the faith? Well, after listening to holiday crabbiness (even from myself) I have decided that life will be more fun if I become a more positive person.

I'm even practicing early! I REFUSE to give up hope that I am pregnant this month. Mostly, because my hubby and I are heading up north to stay in a condo on Lake Superior over New Years. We'll just say that if I'm not pregnant? Something otherwise known as AF is completely going to spoil all the fun. So I'm sticking to my guns, hoping... praying... So far I've had all negs on my tests. HOWEVER (yup, this is positive joko here) it is way early yet. I even imagined a 2nd line on my internet cheapie this morning. One way or another, we're going to graduate from TTC. Good god, I think I may have a Ph.D by now!

Anyway, so far, so good it has been a glorious holiday season. It even snowed on Christmas Day- the big chunky, lightly falling snowfall seen only in Christmas movies and in cards. Minus the BFN, I really couldn't have asked for a more perfect Christmas.

2008 here WE come!!!

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