May 02, 2007

31 Is Going To Be A Good Year

So, I'm 31 now. Officially in the "30 and Over" category. I was sad about it at first, but now I feel as though I am officially an adult! Time to start acting like one, right? No way. I have big plans for my 31 year. Here my top 10 plans:
1) Getting pregnant. One way or another, I'll get me one of them babies
2) If I don't get pregnant, I will get into the best shape of my life
3) I will get a new job that pays well and actually has a career path
4) I will get my credit card debt paid off
5) I will live and enjoy life to the fullest
6) "Joe" and I will buy our dream house
7) I will begin to pursue my Master's Degree
8) I will spend more time with my nephews
9) I will NOT obsess over TTC
10) I will continue to love my husband with all my heart
These aren't just dreams or desires, these are plans. They are plans in which I fully intend to carry out!!
Here's to a great 31!

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