April 08, 2007

Okay.. Still Don't Get It

I'm happy to report that today was for once an uneventful holiday. For once, nobody faught, there was laughter and happiness. It was GREAT!!! HAPPY EASTER!!!!!

So. I still haven't figured out the Sangina phenomena. He sucks. Doesn't matter anyway. Even if he does win, people like Blake will outsell and he will be, if he's lucky, a one hit wonder. Think Taylor Hicks. His album is horrible. Sangina's album will be horrible too.

Babies. Don't care anymore. Okay. That's a lie. I care, I just cannot muster up the strength to continue going through this nightmare called infertility. So, I'm going to continue with my life and enjoy every day than suffer through what I don't have and may never have. It'll all be okay!!!

God bless all on this beautiful holiday!

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