March 14, 2007


I cannot even believe this guy Sanjaya gets to stick around. Granted Brandon Rogers forgot his lyrics- SO WHAT. Brandon is adorable and talented and Sanjaya is... NOT. He is fugly and boring. He can't sing. Perhaps this so-called talent wins him a spot in his high school musical or maybe the talent show, but come on. American Idol?? I am dismayed. Perhaps him being in the bottom three will thrust him back to nowheresville sooner rather than later.
As far as my predictions... they were kinda close, huh? Phil Stacy was in the bottom 3 and Haley was close enough to being there.
Stay tuned for my predictions after next week's show!!!
On the baby front... I have ovulated and now... the wait. Wait number 17. I think March is a magical month though. We got pregnant last year in March so hopefully the spring fever will bring it back to us again! Regardless- I'm staying positive. This will be my month.

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