December 05, 2006

Ultrasounds Are Cool

In this week's fun and exciting world of infertility testing, I got to have an ultrasound yesterday, which was actually pretty cool. After completing my round of Clomid, they then schedule an ultrasound to ensure that the follicles are reacting appropriately to the drug and essentially inducing ovulation. The picture here is similar to what I saw on my ultrasound (this one is not mine). My follicle hasn't quite grown to release size yet, so I get to go back again on Wednesday for another check in. I think I am understanding how this works, but, geesh, there is just a lot to know. Anyway, it has been kind of nice to hear from a medical professional: you should be ovulating any day now! Why is this nice? It completely took the guess work out of timing the baby dancing. We KNOW it is going to happen so we have to get to work! We should know for sure on Wednesday that I ovulated. I don't know why, I just think this is cool and exciting. One way or another, we are going to get pregnant!! I'm guessing that Clomid may be the answer for me. It worked, it is doing its job this month. It makes me feel like crap, but, if the outcome is a beautiful baby, it is worth the agony to me. Who knows- I may just have twins!
Anyway, in the midst of all this treatment, there is the other side of life: finding someone to understand what you are going through. My friends and family don't really get it. They seem to think that it will just "happen". They don't seem to understand that for some, it doesn't just "happen" and that they may need some extra help. Then there are the friends who just aren't even on the same playing field or point in their life. It's not their fault and there is certainly nothing wrong with being single or not wanting to have a baby. My point is that they don't get it either. They don't understand the need to be careful with my body- meaning no smoking and no drinking. Overall, nobody seems to understand how hard this is. How emotional this is. I'm so thankful for having the Sparkpeople and Babyfit message boards. I seriously don't know how I ever functioned without them! They are the only ones who are in the same boat. Sure, there are the ones who pop in and say "Hey, I just started my first month of TTC!" and in the next heartbeat they are pregnant. Luckily for me, they have created teams and forums for people in the same boat. Infertility, TTC After Loss, and TTC First Baby. It is more than comforting to know that I'm not alone.

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  1. Hello!
    I saw your page on babyfit and thought I'd come check it out :)

    Also, just wanted to mention that the faith hill thing was a joke, that she purposely did it. At first i thought maybe not (when I first heard it on the radio) but - seeing her expression, I think I believe her. She wouldn't have stared right into the camera if she was really pissed, she would have looked off stage to someone else for sure (manager, hubby, friend, announcer, etc!)

    Her interview afterwards didn't show her to be upset and she has enough awards. After a while, they don't really care :P

    Also, started a blog of my own :

    Talk to you soon!

    anji (bergys_girl)


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