April 25, 2006

American Idol Recap: Love Songs... or Something...

Oh sweet love songs!!! I really had much bigger hopes for tonights AI, but geesh. I have to admit I was fairly disappointed. Anyway, I'm afraid I don't have as great of notes on tonight's performances seeing as I worked late and barely made it home in time to give my husband and dog a hug and have dinner before those... opening theme bars began. Heh! They so need a new theme song. Tonight we were graced by the presence of Andrea Bocelli, by far, the most amazing singer in the universe. I am severely jealous of these Idols for having the opportunity to work with him, and if they don't realize their good fortune- they really don't deserve to be on this show and be singers.

Katharine: Or "Kat" as Ryan seems to like to call her. She sang "I Have Nothing". I fear I have nothing after her performance. I've made it very clear that I love her. I think she's naturally talented and hope she survives this week. I would've loved to hear a Katharine Bocelli duet!!! She was pitchy and the judges didn't like her tonight. I guess in my opinion- if you do Whitney- you definitely do it better than anything that crack ho can do now!! I'm sure Ryan said something else to her after she sang, but I could've sworn he said "With the volume down and those boobs, I'm sure you'll get lots of votes" as he stared at her chest...

He sang his signature Donny Hathaway song and was, pretty amazing. Too bad he can't sing it yet another time in the competition. Dude- Paula Abdul- WTF????!!!!!

Kellie: If she doesn't make the bottom 3, I'll be stunned. That was by and far the worst version of "Unchained Melody" I have EVER heard in my life. She butchered, mamed and destroyed that incredibly beautiful song. Why, oh why does America vote for her? I don't understand!!! I will stand by my vow: If she makes it to the final two- I will stop watching AI forever.

Paris: Singing "The Way We Were". WOW WOW WOWO!!!!! She really is just awesome. I cannot believe she is 16. What praise from David Foster and Bocelli!!!! She's one talented and amazing little lady.

Taylor: Sang James Ingram's "Just Once". Thank god just once. He wasn't very good tonight. I'm sad and disappointed for him. Hope he makes it through. Simon really needs to find a better rip: a hotel lounge singer? Does he know that there aren't any hotels other than Sandals in Jamaica that actually have lounge singers? Lame. Find a better insult.

Chris: Chris is BACK BACK BACK!!!! He was amazing tonight singing "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman". Fricken long name for a song, but YAY!!! He was so good.

On another note...

Yes it is true... in less than a week I'll be celebrating the dreaded 30th birthday!!!

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