February 12, 2006

Karaoke- What Was I Thinking?

So I went out with my crazy friend last night, and by crazy, I mean that in all sorts of ways. Nonetheless, I really haven't been out since.... oh boy, before Christmas?? Between getting a cold, getting fillings in my teeth, then getting the flu, and THEN to cap it all off having my wisdom teeth surgically removed, I was totally due for a wild night out. After begging her to not make us spend the night listening to her boyfriends/fiance/whatever he is' band play at a hoity toity lounge, we headed to our most favorite and long-loved dive bar. This place is a trip- truly one of the most diverse environments in the entire world with just about every race represented, every class represented, and seriously ever age group over the age of 21 represented. So, as you can imagine, the karaoke is... less than great. After getting packed like a sardine into this place, beer spilled on me, and knocked around we got our chance to sing. Ah yes, what is my only moment to sing for others... in a dive bar... with... drunk people telling me how great I am. Take what you can get right? So, if all these others are so awful, why on earth do we go and take part in this form of entertainment? I think those who truly suck are either 1) Really drunk or 2) It is their one bright and shining moment to pretend to be a star. In the age of American Idol, it is really amazing to listen to these people who really and truly think they are good and they are horrible!! What it comes down to is that it is actually entertaining watching others make a fool out of themselves. Thank goodness we are too drunk to really care who they are. I will always cherish my brief shining moments being able to sing, wishing I could find a better venue to share my best talent with the rest of the world.

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